Internal Audit & Risk Manager

Internal Audit & Risk Manager

Internal Audit & Risk Manager

The Internal Audit & Risk Manager is responsible for developing and executing the Airport’s internal audit and risk strategy, policies, plans and programs.


Reports to:

  • Supervisory Board and CEO.


Key Accountabilities:

Is responsible for the development of the Airport’s enterprise risk management strategy and policies:

  • Follows relevant internal and external developments and translates these into consequences for the Airport.
  • Develops Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategies and objectives that will establish the framework, tools and procedures to achieve successful risk identification and management.
  • Translates the ERM strategies and objectives into risk management processes, procedures and programs.
  • Sets up, implements and manages the Enterprise Risk Management framework which evaluates and assesses risk across all areas of the Airport.
  • Prepares the annual risk management planning and presents this to the Supervisory Board for final approval.

Is responsible for the coordination, monitoring and control regarding the execution of the risk activities:

  • Performs a high-level Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA) and identifies in detail the areas of risk to be mitigated.
  • Performs an annual Strategic Risk Assessment (SRA) with the Non - executive Board, Executive, Management and Directors.
  • Performs annual department Risk and Control Self Assessments (RCSA) together with the department heads and staff.
  • Performs Project Risk Assessments (PRA) when needed.
  • Develops risk awareness programs and conducts risk awareness trainings within the organization.
  • Ensures that identified risks are within acceptable boundaries and in conformity with strategic objectives.
  • Monitors the execution of periodic control testing (1st Line).
  • Executes periodic control testing (2nd Line).
  • Supports the organization with determining improvement measures.
  • Monitors the Key Risk Indicators (KRI).

Is responsible for leading, directing and performing the internal audit function of the Airport:

  • Develops the Airport’s Internal Audit strategy and annual Internal Audit plans.
  • Establishes Internal Audit policies and procedures to guide the implementation of the Airport’s Internal Audit strategy.
  • Performs risk-based Internal Audits designed to provide objective assurance and advice to the CEO and the Supervisory Board to add value and improve the Airport’s operations and achievement of its objectives.
  • Reports to the CEO and Supervisory Board on specific and defined risks and key findings.
  • Advises the CEO about (potential) risks, the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes and about the respective audit strategies.



  • With the CEO and the Supervisory Board regarding policy developments and advice in the field of risk, audits, projects, annual plans, budgets, and reports to exchange information, align, convince and defend policies.
  • With managers and employees about processes, controls, risk assessments, risk activities, investigations and risk reports to exchange information, to coordinate, to advise, to gain support and defend policies.
  • With the Supervisory Board regarding risk management and audit strategy, policy and key findings and concerns to report and to exchange information.
  • With (inter)national legislators and regulators regarding the risk management activities to exchange information.


Required competencies:

  • Master’s degree in the field of Econometrics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business, IT or similar.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in enterprise risk management and (internal) audit.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience at a senior level working with risk assessment and corporate risk management frameworks and advising executive management.
  • Broad theoretical knowledge in the field of risk management, audit and business.
  • Knowledge of enterprise risk management.
  • Knowledge of (internal) audit, control and governance practices.
  • Knowledge of the aviation industry.
  • Knowledge and skills in setting up risk management frameworks.
  • Knowledge and skills in performing an Enterprise Risk Assessment.
  • Knowledge of relevant (inter)national laws, regulations and compliance regarding risk management.
  • Ability to set up governance, risk management and control processes.
  • Organizational and coordinating skills.
  • Advisory skills.
  • Analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Stakeholder management skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Delegating skills.
  • Integrity.
  • Result driven.
  • Accurate.
  • Interpersonal communication skills.
  • Written and oral skills in the following languages: English, Papiamentu, Dutch and Spanish.


Please submit your application letter and resume before March 8th, 2022. For more information, please contact Sharitee Saunders at +5999 839 1026.