Arriving passengers

Arriving Passengers

Having your brand in the Airport Arrival areas ensures that you are amongst the first impressions passengers have upon arrival or return to Curacao .

Areas vary from the Immigrations hall where all passengers have to queue, to the baggage claim area where your advertisement will be exposed to passengers as they wait for their luggage .

Digital Arrival Screens

Showcasing video’s or moving images will surely grab the attention of those arriving or returning to Curacao.

The airport’s digital screens are strategically located in the Immigration and Baggage claim areas, allowing max 15 advertisers on these digital screens, your brand will be seen.


The arrivals hall has a limited amount of fixed advertising locations ranging from static ads to backlit signs. These Backlit signs are designed to shine and are perfect to show off your advertisement day and night.

Specialty Opportunities

The airport’s promotional counters give you the opportunity to promote your brand directly to the arriving or returning passengers. Whether you are promoting a product, service or brand, these strategically located counters are the perfect way to  attract and engage with potential customers.

Your brand exposure starts here!

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