Departing passengers

Departing passengers

Promoting your brand to departing passengers is important for many reasons. Departing passengers spend a fair amount of idle time in the departures hall – plenty of time for your brand’s message to capture valuable impressions before takeoff.

The Curacao Airport has a large amount of returning passengers to Curacao, which means that your brand will be seen various times by these passengers as well.

The departures area is divided into east and west, with a variety of advertising possibilities throughout the terminal.

Digital Departure Screens

Bring your ad to life with the digital advertising opportunities located in the Airport’s departure areas. There are multiple digital locations available in the departures area where your brand can be displayed.

Such locations are:

      -  Check-in digital screens

      -  Screening Point Video Wall

      -  Boarding Gate Digital screens


Digital advertising gives you the flexibility to change your advertisement as much as needed, while continuously targeting your audience with bright, captivating, moving videos or images.

Static Advertisement

Be seen continuously with a fixed advertisement on various locations throughout the departure passenger journey.

Static advertisement can be placed on various locations, while varying in size as well as changed according to your wishes.

Specialty Opportunities

Grab the departing passenger’s attention by using unconventional advertising to get maximum results. There are  limited opportunities in the departures area, which makes this one of our exclusive advertising possibilities.

Your brand exposure starts here!

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