Local travelers & Airport visitors

Local travelers & Airport Visitors

Local travelers are a combination of both leisure and business travelers who frequent the airport. These frequent travelers will see your brand on various occasions throughout the airport. And since they live on the island, your brand will be much more accessible to them.

In addition to local travelers, the airport is also visited on a daily basis by an array of   people we identify as airport visitors. Airport visitors come to the airport to  either to pick up their loved ones ,business acquaintances or simply to make use of one of our airport based services such as banking or visit our F&B outlets.

Expose your brand continuously to them, and be sure to be seen.

Digital Screens

Digital screens are strategically placed both on the inside and outside of the terminals, where they can be seen by the potential client that drives into the airport.

The arrival hall digital screen is very popular to advertisers looking to promote their brands to locals or airport visitors waiting for their loved ones or business acquaintances.


Having your brand displayed 7 days a week for local travelers and airport visitors gives you a unique edge. As your brand is exposed continuously to your target market. The airport offers a variety in sizes and locations giving you all the needed tools to get your brand seen.

Specialty Opportunities

Making use of unconventional advertising methods to get to your target market is the perfect way to grab their attention.

If you are aiming towards local travelers and airport visitors, then making use of a counter or guerilla marketing will give you the ultimate exposure and interaction opportunities.

Your brand exposure starts here!

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