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What's new

  • The Power Of Digital Advertising Interview

The Power of Digital Advertising

By making use of Curaçao International Airport’s digital platforms, businesses can access and connect with thousands of local and international travelers as well as airport visitors passing through our terminals every day. 

With prices starting at ANG. 350 a month, businesses can choose to expose their brands and reach one or more of the following target audiences:

  • -    Airport Visitors

  • -    The Airport Community

  • -    Arriving Passengers (Business & Leisure)

  • -    Departing passengers (Business & Leisure)

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  • The Power Of Digital Advertising

Location Highlight

Our location highlight for this month is the Flyer Stand in the Airports Information office. 

Our clients’ flyers can now also be found here. We are doubling the exposure by having the flyers placed in the baggage claim area and in the information office in the arrival's hall. 

By doubling the exposure, clients pay the same price for much more exposure. 

Contact our team here to find out more about these locations.