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Contact information

Curaçao Airport Partners N.V.
Curaçao International Airport
Margareth Abraham Plaza z/n, Curaçao

Office Telephone: +5999  8391000
Airport Information Office: +5999 8391980
Office Fax: +5999 8680017
Email: [email protected]

Note: Please be aware that Curaçao Airport Partners as the operator of the airport is not responsible for airline related issues such as bookings, reservations and loss of luggage. In those cases you have to contact your air carrier.

Contact information for members of the press or media 

Curaçao Airport Partners
Fayna Sleur-Haseth | Manager Communications
E: [email protected]
T: +5999 839 1020
M: +5999 521 2122

For access to the airport press page and to subscribe to our press release emails, contact the Airport Communications department by e-mailing [email protected].