Coronavirus measures in Curacao

Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) is well prepared against an eventual spread of the Coronavirus in Curaçao

Ensuring the safety of our passengers and employees is our absolute priority.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), the operating company of our international airport, has been monitoring the situation minutely and is stepping up its sanitation efforts in response to the spread of the virus. CAP is working closely with the government and Public Health Authorities of Curaçao to ensure that the very latest guidance is communicated and implemented, as the situation continues to develop. An effective response also requires the active participation of a well-informed passenger. First and foremost, we want to maintain a safe port of entry by encouraging practices of basic hygiene to protect the health of the employees of our airport, passengers, customers, visitors, and others. We have several precautionary measures in place and have activated our preparedness plan in order to manage any future scenario.

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We recommend you also visit the website of the WHO organization, for updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other valuable information on how to protect yourself and general recommendations for personal hygiene and cough etiquette.

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