Customer Service

Customer Service

Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) is committed to serving the needs of its passengers, guests and business partners to the highest possible standard. We strive to ensure that every part of your experience at Curacao International Airport is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

We aim to provide prompt, courteous, helpful, open and informative information in response to every approach made by a member of the public to our staff.

Safety of our passengers, guests and staff is the highest priority.

Airport experience

CAP makes every effort to enhance the customer experience. We readily accept feedback from our customers about their experience and consider what changes we can make to our processes and procedures as a result.  

If CAP fails to provide the quality of service you expect, we will:

  • Ensure that making a complaint is as easy as possible;
  • Treat the matter seriously from the outset, whether you contact us in person, by telephone, letter, fax, email or via the website;   
  • Deal with any complaint promptly and politely;
  • Include in our response, where appropriate, an explanation of how we will improve our performance in future; and
  • Record the complaint on our complaints monitoring system.

Providing feedback

We are always keen to hear the views of our customers about our performance – what we do well and areas we can improve.

If you would like to provide any feedback to CAP about your experience within the Airport, please email us at [email protected].